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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: John Aneralla

While the Queen City gets the most attention as the region’s biggest city, smaller towns in Mecklenburg County are quietly doing business as great places to live.

One of those is the town of Huntersville, the first of the “northern towns” you’ll cross into on your trip up I-77 to North Meck. It’s also considered one of Charlotte’s great suburbs because it’s close to uptown, close to the lake, and home to a lot of amenities like a children’s museum and an aquatic center, while still holding onto its small-town, family-friendly vibe.

We have with us today the mayor of Huntersville, John Aneralla, who — breaking news — has just announced he is running for a third term. Welcome to Charlotte Real Estate Talk, John.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Vision Zero

The city of Charlotte is trying to make the paths safer for everyone. Last May, Charlotte’s Department of Transportation kicked off its new initiative to help drivers and pedestrians travel safely on the same roads: Vision Zero. The goal is to create a city with zero traffic deaths or serious injuries, and it wants your help. Amy Mitchell and Alex Riemondy from CDOT are here with us on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to share that vision with us. 

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Van Deane

On this episode of Charlotte Real Estate Talk, Scott and Mike sit down with our own Van Deane to get his take on what’s happening in Charlotte real estate right now.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Lester Oliva & Gabrielle Purick

More than 350-thousand Americans suffer a sudden cardiac arrest every year, according to Harvard Medical School — and survival rates are grim if those heart attacks occur outside a hospital. Lester Oliva and Gabrielle Purick from MEDIC makes this their mission, and they’re here today to talk about ways you can learn to save a life. Thanks for joining us on Charlotte Real Estate Talk.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Julia Engel

Having a child born with a heart defect can really strike fear into parents, and create hundreds of questions about how your child can survive, and even thrive. Can they play like other kids? Run? Swim? Play sports? Julia Engel was that child, born with “ventricular septal defect” or VSD — more commonly known as a hole in her heart. A doctor told her in high school not to go out for the track team, but she has finished 3 Boston Marathons and enjoys bike riding too. Now she hosts a charity event, Bike LUCK that helps kids like her with heart defects, enjoy more active lives through Camp LUCK. Welcome to Charlotte Real Estate Talk Julia!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Josh Knipp

The last step in buying your dream home is signing on the bottom line, and our next guest helps you do that. Josh Knipp is a closing attorney who can run the bases of your paperwork and field your questions with ease.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: John Shaw

The Mecklenburg County Revaluations are out, did you get yours? While most of the time we think about rising property values as a good thing, this is about the one time most of us wish they’d stay the same. And residential property values here have risen — get this — 40 percent since the last revaluation 8 years ago. John Shaw is with us on Charlotte Real Estate Talk from our Huntersville office to discuss what revaluations mean to you, the homeowner.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Peter Carlino

Finding the home of your dreams is just the beginning. You love the location, the floor plan, the back yard, and the local schools. So just buy it and move in, right? Okay, we know there’s some paperwork involved, and Peter Carlino is the guy who dots the i’s and crosses the t’s and makes sure your new dream home is finally yours. He’s a closing attorney here in the Charlotte region, and fills us in on what we need to know about closing the deal.