Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Jourdan Rodrigue

Fall is in the air, or at least on the calendar. And along with that comes Carolina Panthers football! We might be several weeks away from cooler weather, but this football season has plenty of storylines. We’ve got just the person to “tackle” them: Jourdan Rodrigue from The Charlotte Observer is here to talk football, her predictions for the Panthers, and what we can expect this season. She’s our guest on this episode of Charlotte Real Estate Talk with Pridemore Properties.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Michelle Icard

Schools do more than impact where we want to live. They shape our neighborhoods and families, too. Some things about school, and particularly middle school, never change. Those awkward, nervous feelings? Students and parents have them! Technology has changed the middle school experience with social media, cyber-bullying, and even the day-to-day distraction of smartphones. Michelle Icard of Michelle in the Middle is a pioneer in helping parents and students navigate these new frontiers. The Washington Post, TODAY show, NPR, and many more lean on her for “how to” parenting advice. She’s our guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Vivian Coleman

As Charlotte grows and the roads get more crowded, a lot of attention is being paid to how we’ll get around. One of the most talked about projects, is bike and pedestrian paths that connect neighborhoods to work, shopping, and entertainment. What does the City have planned to create safe, convenient connectivity — without cars? Vivian Coleman is Charlotte’s Transportation Planning Program Manager, and she’s our guest on this episode of Charlotte Real Estate Talk.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Emir Dukic

Homes and neighborhoods say more about the flavor and feel of a city than any hotel room. That’s part of the attraction of services like Air B&B. Our guest on this episode of Charlotte Real Estate Talk takes that concept further, with his high-end property rental service called RABBU. Curated homes and condos with high-tech features and high-touch service, and perks from local businesses that “share” the culture of Charlotte with guests from around the world. Listen in on what inspired Emir Dukic to launch this service– and it can help you, too!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Cynthia Jones

Who settles disagreements and interprets the rules when residents and HOA board members don’t see eye to eye? Believe it or not, there are attorneys who specialize in that field. Cynthia Jones of Horack Talley is one of those attorneys who sorts things out so everyone can live in peace. She’s our guest on the Charlotte Real Estate Talk podcast with Pridemore Properties.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Andrew Dunn

Charlotte knows real estate booms, and you’ll likely find no argument that we’re experiencing one right now. With inventory at historic lows, and construction crews in nearly every neighborhood, what are the hottest spots on the real estate landscape? Charlotte Real Estate Talk welcomes Andrew Dunn from the Charlotte Agenda for more on the trends he’s following!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Wendy Hickey

Living in a town with public art gives a community personality, culture, and “pop!” Art pieces around a city just make it feel more alive and look more eclectic. We can thank a woman some call the “Fairy Art Mother” for making Charlotte and 13 other U.S. cities more colorful places. How does she do it? We’ll ask Wendy Hickey how she merged her career in outdoor advertising — yes, billboards — with her love of art, to create the public sensation called “ArtPOP.”

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Josh Jones

If you want a total stranger to fall in love with your home so much that they want to buy it, or you want to enjoy the home you’re in but adapt it to lifestyle changes, tastes, or need… what improvements would you make and how do you decide? We’ve got Josh Jones, of Jones & Hedges Custom Builders with us on the podcast. Josh tells us what home improvements are worth the effort and the expense.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Michael Sass

One of the biggest questions about owning a home is figuring out how to afford it. Even if you can make the monthly payments in a neighborhood you love, there is a down payment, homeowners insurance, and property taxes, and so on. Then along comes marriage, children, car notes, and other expenses you may or may not have predicted. How does it all add up? Dr. Michael Sass helps first time homeowners do the math to develop economic self-sufficiency and peace of mind via the non-profit Catalyst Academy.

Charlotte Real Estate Podcast – 24 Foundation

Seventeen years, millions of dollars, and untold lives touched. That’s quite a track record for any charitable event. That’s the very, very short history of the 24 Foundation which began right here in Charlotte with a guy riding his bike around in circles. Now there are similar events in Indianapolis and Baltimore that raise money for cancer navigation.

Lisa Dale and Brittany Wilson from the 24 Foundation join us on this edition of Charlotte Real Estate Talk with Pridemore Properties.