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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Michael Sass

One of the biggest questions about owning a home is figuring out how to afford it. Even if you can make the monthly payments in a neighborhood you love, there is a down payment, homeowners insurance, and property taxes, and so on. Then along comes marriage, children, car notes, and other expenses you may or may not have predicted. How does it all add up? Dr. Michael Sass helps first time homeowners do the math to develop economic self-sufficiency and peace of mind via the non-profit Catalyst Academy.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: 24 Foundation

Seventeen years, millions of dollars, and untold lives touched. That’s quite a track record for any charitable event. That’s the very, very short history of the 24 Foundation which began right here in Charlotte with a guy riding his bike around in circles. Now there are similar events in Indianapolis and Baltimore that raise money for cancer navigation.

Lisa Dale and Brittany Wilson from the 24 Foundation join us on this edition of Charlotte Real Estate Talk with Pridemore Properties.