Monthly Archives: June 2019

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Garet Johnson

Nearly 60 people a day move to Charlotte, and more than a million people already live in Mecklenburg County. How do we build a city big enough to accommodate all of them, while preserving the charm Charlotte residents enjoy? Garet Johnson of the City Manager’s office joins us to explain the city’s “Vision Plan” and the development rules currently being re-written for the first time in years. This is the kind of Charlotte Real Estate Talk you need to hear!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Nicole Copsis

The idea of a clearinghouse of volunteer opportunities seems like an idea that just makes sense in Charlotte’s large, energetic work force. SHARE Charlotte is a one-stop shop that serves that purpose exactly. Nicole Copsis joins Charlotte Real Estate Talk this week to tell you how easy it is to “plug in and make an impact,” with more than 400 non-profits in the area. Listen in to find out how to “Do Good” in our town!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Dorie Fusaro

You’ve heard of a Renaissance Man — well-rounded, well-educated, and fluent in a number of pursuits like the arts, science, sports, and in Charlotte, maybe finance. Dorie Fusaro is someone you could easily call a Renaissance Woman, one who fits that description and more. The banker, project manager, mortgage professional, and a mom — along with being a veteran yoga instructor, blogger, and life coach — shares her secrets of a full life on this episode of Charlotte Real Estate Talk, along with her passion for using her gifts to help the homeless.