Monthly Archives: November 2019

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Katie Phillips

More than 48-thousand children in Charlotte live at or below the poverty level, and basics such as food, shelter, and healthcare are sometimes hard to come by. So it won’t surprise you that these same students have a very limited access to youth sports, where they could learn the skills and discipline that so many parents rely on to help their kids learn and grow.

Soccer FC is trying to change that. The Soccer Foundation of Charlotte provides access to these same learning opportunities through the game of soccer in under-served communities. Katie Phillips of Soccer FC is our guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to tell us all about this program that helps kids grow while having a ball.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Rich Moyer

Beer and ice cream… maybe you don’t want to eat them together (or maybe you do?) but they are just two of the many business interests of our next guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk.

Rich Moyer is a name you should know, and if you don’t, you probably know his brands that have hit Charlotte in just the past couple of years and been an instant success. We’re talking about Hoppin’, the first self-serve beer and wine bar in South End; Pinhouse, a similar concept in Plaza Midwood but with duck pin bowling; and Two Scoops Creamery, which just makes us want to go out for ice cream right now. Welcome, Rich.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Matt Sharp

When our streets fill with runners for the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, you’ll see some of the participants with distinctive blue T-shirts that say “Running Works.” It’s not just another run club though – the members of Running Works are running towards a different set of goals than most marathoners.

Running Works is giving Charlotte’s homeless population an avenue to take control of their lives through health and wellness, and helps them along that course with mental health counseling, group therapy, career development, and housing assistance, too. Matt Sharp is their Chief Operating Officer, and joins us now on Charlotte Real Estate Talk. Welcome!