Monthly Archives: February 2020

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: David Dillard

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has been a great resource for our community since its first predecessor opened in 1891 on South Tryon Street. Replaced 10 years later by one of the famous Carnegie Libraries, a public library in Charlotte has now stood on the same site in uptown since 1903. The Library’s reach has since expanded to all corners of our county through 20 branches, a children’s library, and digital access. But right now — the city/county library is making big plans for that original site on Tryon Street, for a NEW main library. It’s an ambitious, 3-year, $135-million-dollar private-public partnership, and we are full of questions about it. Luckily, David Dillard from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is here to tell us what we need to know!


Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Josh Jones

Ahhh… Spring. They say it’s when a young man’s fancy turns to love. But sometimes it also turns to home renovations, as we get a new zest for spring cleaning and upgrades in our familiar surroundings. We have advice for that too, from someone who has nearly 20 years homebuilding experience. Joining us today on Charlotte Real Estate Talk is Josh Jones, of Jones & Hedges Custom Homes, with some practical tips for making that happen — whether you want to upgrade the house you’re living in, or renovate to sell and find something else.


Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Jen Band

We all know being a teen is rough — a time of transition and change in our lives, where we realize we are growing up and sometimes, just aren’t sure how to handle that. Our next guest is all about handling those teen years by learning who you are, by discovering what gifts you can share with others. Jen Band is the founder of the non-profit Playing for Others, which helps teens understand who they are through personal development, service, and the arts.