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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Alex Alcorn

Art can transform a community, and it doesn’t need to be a statue in the town square to do it. Sometimes, a creative corner of a neighborhood can bring people together to work and share and get to know each other, while making an empty space a point of community pride.

The League of Creative Interventionists organizes projects like these in cities all over the U.S., including right here in Charlotte. Locally, they’ve just named their 2019-2020 Creative Interventionist Fellows, and we’ve got one here today on Charlotte Real Estate Talk. Welcome, Alex Alcorn.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Dr. Lori Whatley

Chances are, while you’re listening to us, you are not more than an arm’s reach from your phone. (Or you may be actually listening to us on your phone!) Well, listen up… more than 266 MILLION people aged 9 and over in the U.S. have a smart device, and they spend almost FIVE HOURS A DAY on it. Wow.

While smart devices are great for connecting us, letting us know the weather, or schedules, or the quickest route to our destination… they’re also responsible for negative health effects like sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and ADD. Yikes. Our next guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk is Dr. Lori Whatley. She’s na clinical psychologist who tackles these problems with families and businesses who have become technology-obsessed.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Tricia Sistrunk

We know a hungry child doesn’t focus as well in school, and that makes learning harder. And we take it for granted here in America, that if children can’t afford a school lunch, they can get help buying a warm meal during the day. We probably also know that’s not always the case around the globe.

Charlotte lawyer Rebecca Wofford saw that first hand in 2011 when she took law school students on a trip to Tanzania to study public education in developing countries. The kids were hungry, and the headmaster asked Wofford if there was anything she could do to help. From there, The Lunch Project was born – and its Executive Director Tricia Sistrunk joins on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to tell us how this is just not a program that sends food overseas… it does a lot more.  Welcome Tricia.