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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Elyse Dashew Part One

As an at-large member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, Elyse Dashew has been part of redrawing school boundaries, rearranging and expanding magnet choices, and hiring a new superintendent. She balances the responsibilities of her position with the demands of parenting her own children through CMS. She led campaigns not just for School Board, but for bonds and school funding, all while being active in PTA and school leadership teams. Arguably, she sees the value in education. And her own far-from-typical education provided her with a unique perspective. She’s our guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk with Pridemore Properties.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Jourdan Rodrigue

Fall is in the air, or at least on the calendar. And along with that comes Carolina Panthers football! We might be several weeks away from cooler weather, but this football season has plenty of storylines. We’ve got just the person to “tackle” them: Jourdan Rodrigue from The Charlotte Observer is here to talk football, her predictions for the Panthers, and what we can expect this season. She’s our guest on this episode of Charlotte Real Estate Talk with Pridemore Properties.