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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Tara Lane

There’s a saying that when you don’t know what to talk about, you can always talk about the weather. But… you may get more than you bargained for if you’re talking to our next guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk! She’s the Chief Meteorologist at Fox 46 and has been forecasting Charlotte weather for nearly 20 years. She’s a pro — and we say a big WARM welcome to Tara Lane.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Nicole Storey

If you’ve ever thought your neighborhood could use a little boost — like an entrance sign, sign toppers, more trees, or any number of things that would bring it together and make it nicer — there might be a city program to help. But who do you talk to, to find out? Our guest today on Charlotte Real Estate Talk might be that person. Nicole Storey is the Neighborhood and Community Partnership Manager for the city of Charlotte. She’s the woman who reaches out and serves as a bridge between Charlotte’s neighborhoods and city services to bring the two together, to make Charlotte better by making neighborhoods more connected. 

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Billy Brown

No matter how far along in life we are, or how successful, we all need a lift now and then. Billy J. Brown started life needing a lot of encouragement, and it didn’t come easily. But once you hear his story, you’ll be pretty motivated too. Thank you for joining us on Charlotte Real Estate Talk, Billy. You have an incredible story to tell.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Ed Brown

Nothing starts a day like a great cup of coffee — and we know where you can get one. But this place is different — it’s where buying that cup of coffee or any of the delicious dishes to go with it, serves a purpose greater than waking you up and easing your hunger. It also helps men and women recovering from addiction and homelessness get back on their feet, off the street, and into more stable lives. Ed Brown joins us now on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to tell us the story behind Community Matters Cafe