Monthly Archives: March 2020

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Varian Shrum

If you’ve lived in Charlotte a long time, you know there are great areas, and areas you just drive through to get to other great areas. One of those was — and we emphasize WAS — a huge swath of land north of uptown, between Statesville Avenue and North Graham Street. The area was a grey, industrial collection of old brick factories just a little too close to the railroad tracks. Well guess what… just like South End has transformed from industrial to lively, now North End has too. We are specifically talking about Camp North End, which over the last 100 years has been a Ford factory, a bomb factory, and a warehouse for prescription drugs. And there’s nothing we like talking about on Charlotte Real Estate Talk more than transformation. Varian Shrum .. the Community Manager.. is here to give us all the details on this hip new place north of uptown Charlotte.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Sam Fleming

The key word for environmental awareness these days is sustainable. From how we get our energy, to where we get our food… there is growing awareness of the footprint we leave behind. And talking about growing awareness… our guest today on Charlotte Real Estate Talk is all about awareness of growing. Sam Fleming of 100 Gardens a hydroponic farmer, but he doesn’t run just one farm, he runs many — at local schools. And what’s even better, is that these hydroponic farms, or greenhouses, not only provide food for school lunches, in some cases, but to sell, make money, and — here’s the best part — TEACH kids about horticulture, chemistry, agriculture, business, and a number of other academic topics. Wow! And the key to it all…. is FISH.