Monthly Archives: December 2018

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Patrick George

Charlotte is a city of trees — a 47% canopy coverage, according to the non-profit TreesCharlotte, and a Tree City USA for 38 years running, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Trees add to a neighborhood’s value — but caring for them takes work.

Our next guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk LOVES trees, and made it his profession and his mission to care for them. Patrick George, of Heartwood Tree Service, speaks for the trees, and tells us what they’re trying to say to us.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Ely Portillo

The evidence of Charlotte’s continued growth is, literally, all over town — from the popularity of “hip” arts districts like NoDa and Plaza Midwood, to transit growth with the light rail and streetcar, to the booming apartment and brewery business in SouthEnd and LoSo. But probably the centerpiece of it all is uptown Charlotte.

Anyone who visited Charlotte for the 2012 Democratic National Convention would have to look a little harder to find barren lots — and getting a hotel room near uptown is admittedly much easier since then. With the Republican convention on the way in 2020, we checked in with the Charlotte Observer’s Ely Portillo on changes since the last time the political spotlight shone on Charlotte.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Taiwo Jaiyeoba

Good roads and good schools have traditionally been two key factors in a city’s growth, and now more than ever, Transit is taking its place as another, very important part of shaping a city’s development.

Our guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk has an important job in that regard — as Director of Planning for the City of Charlotte. Taiwo Jaiyeoba oversees the direction of growth in the Queen City, and has the Herculean task of revamping the city’s development codes. But he brings an important perspective to the office, with a background of 25 years in transit. His appointment to the planning director’s job this year is a strong statement about how Charlotte city leaders envision the city’s growth.