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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Brad Shell

It’s no secret that craft brews are a big business now — and Plaza Midwood, NoDa, and South End are neighborhoods where you can find great local beers in Charlotte.

And while breweries are part of a young, hip culture — they’re also a real estate phenomenon with WHERE they’re locating, and how they’re spurring growth around them in former low-rent, industrial areas.
Brad Shell — owner of Unknown Brewing in South End — has done all this and he’s our guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk, with some great stories to tell.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Matthew Ridenhour

If you live here, you know Charlotte is a great place to live. In fact, about 35-thousand people a year find that out for the first time when they move here — that’s about 60 a day, according to the city’s planning director — and a lot of them have families, or will settle down and raise families here.
At least one poll lists Charlotte at number 11 for best places in the U.S. to raise a family. Our guest today is doing just that — with two small children of his own — as well getting an inside look at some of the factors that make this a great city for families. Mecklenburg County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour is our guest on Charlotte Real Estate talk with Pridemore Properties.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Tiffany Pettit

How many times have we heard arguments — from schools to traffic to new businesses — brought up in terms of property values? Specifically, what will hurt them, and what will help? Now let’s flip the argument — to when Mecklenburg County does its re-valuations, as required by law once every 8 years.

Experience tells us that not everyone will enjoy having higher property values following revaluation, and many will appeal. There are always a lot of questions, and we have just the person with us to give us some answers. Tiffany Pettit is the Quality and Training Coordinator with the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s office, here to answer your questions.