Monthly Archives: June 2018

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Andrew Dunn

Charlotte knows real estate booms, and you’ll likely find no argument that we’re experiencing one right now. With inventory at historic lows, and construction crews in nearly every neighborhood, what are the hottest spots on the real estate landscape? Charlotte Real Estate Talk welcomes Andrew Dunn from the Charlotte Agenda for more on the trends he’s following!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Wendy Hickey

Living in a town with public art gives a community personality, culture, and “pop!” Art pieces around a city just make it feel more alive and look more eclectic. We can thank a woman some call the “Fairy Art Mother” for making Charlotte and 13 other U.S. cities more colorful places. How does she do it? We’ll ask Wendy Hickey how she merged her career in outdoor advertising — yes, billboards — with her love of art, to create the public sensation called “ArtPOP.”

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Josh Jones

If you want a total stranger to fall in love with your home so much that they want to buy it, or you want to enjoy the home you’re in but adapt it to lifestyle changes, tastes, or need… what improvements would you make and how do you decide? We’ve got Josh Jones, of Jones & Hedges Custom Builders with us on the podcast. Josh tells us what home improvements are worth the effort and the expense.