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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Michelle Icard

Schools do more than impact where we want to live. They shape our neighborhoods and families, too. Some things about school, and particularly middle school, never change. Those awkward, nervous feelings? Students and parents have them! Technology has changed the middle school experience with social media, cyber-bullying, and even the day-to-day distraction of smartphones. Michelle Icard of Michelle in the Middle is a pioneer in helping parents and students navigate these new frontiers. The Washington Post, TODAY show, NPR, and many more lean on her for “how to” parenting advice. She’s our guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Vivian Coleman

As Charlotte grows and the roads get more crowded, a lot of attention is being paid to how we’ll get around. One of the most talked about projects, is bike and pedestrian paths that connect neighborhoods to work, shopping, and entertainment. What does the City have planned to create safe, convenient connectivity — without cars? Vivian Coleman is Charlotte’s Transportation Planning Program Manager, and she’s our guest on this episode of Charlotte Real Estate Talk.