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Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Dr. Lori Whatley

Chances are, while you’re listening to us, you are not more than an arm’s reach from your phone. (Or you may be actually listening to us on your phone!) Well, listen up… more than 266 MILLION people aged 9 and over in the U.S. have a smart device, and they spend almost FIVE HOURS A DAY on it. Wow.

While smart devices are great for connecting us, letting us know the weather, or schedules, or the quickest route to our destination… they’re also responsible for negative health effects like sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and ADD. Yikes. Our next guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk is Dr. Lori Whatley. She’s na clinical psychologist who tackles these problems with families and businesses who have become technology-obsessed.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Tricia Sistrunk

We know a hungry child doesn’t focus as well in school, and that makes learning harder. And we take it for granted here in America, that if children can’t afford a school lunch, they can get help buying a warm meal during the day. We probably also know that’s not always the case around the globe.

Charlotte lawyer Rebecca Wofford saw that first hand in 2011 when she took law school students on a trip to Tanzania to study public education in developing countries. The kids were hungry, and the headmaster asked Wofford if there was anything she could do to help. From there, The Lunch Project was born – and its Executive Director Tricia Sistrunk joins on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to tell us how this is just not a program that sends food overseas… it does a lot more.  Welcome Tricia.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Kris Cole

There’s an old Far Side cartoon showing vultures sitting in a tree wearing dark sunglasses and listening to headphones. The caption says, “Birds of prey know they’re cool.” It’s always good for a laugh! But maintaining the population of sick and injured raptors in Mecklenburg County is also a lot of work.

Enter the Carolina Raptor Center — started in a basement at UNC-Charlotte nearly 45 years ago, and now grown to a place at Latta Plantation that has taken in more than 20-THOUSAND birds and released 8-thousand of those back into the wild. It’s a long, wild history… and getting bigger and better as we speak. Kris Cole joins us now on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to tell us just HOW cool these birds are!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Andrew Knoblich

“Get a job, kid!” – we’ve all heard it, but finding a job can be daunting. If you’re an employer, you probably know the challenges with finding summer staff. You probably didn’t know that Charlotte has a program to meet these needs.

The Mayor’s Youth Employment Program has been connecting teens and jobs for years. Andew Knoblich joins us on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to tell us all about the program and how employers – and kids – can get involved!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Sydney Duarte

In a city full of bankers, you often hear that what Charlotte needs is more of a funky, artsy vibe to attract young people. We’re getting there… with NoDa now a very popular place to live, and murals popping up around South End and North End as appreciation for them grows. They make Charlotte a more colorful place to call home, amid all of the glass and steel.

We have with us today on Charlotte Real Estate Talk, one of the people who makes our home more colorful with murals. Sydney Duarte – you might know her as the “traveling gypsy” on Instagram – paints murals with her mom, who is also an artist. You can check out one of them on the side of Two Scoops Creamery and we can’t wait to hear where else. Welcome Sydney, and first, thanks for making Charlotte more colorful!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Katie Phillips

More than 48-thousand children in Charlotte live at or below the poverty level, and basics such as food, shelter, and healthcare are sometimes hard to come by. So it won’t surprise you that these same students have a very limited access to youth sports, where they could learn the skills and discipline that so many parents rely on to help their kids learn and grow.

Soccer FC is trying to change that. The Soccer Foundation of Charlotte provides access to these same learning opportunities through the game of soccer in under-served communities. Katie Phillips of Soccer FC is our guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk to tell us all about this program that helps kids grow while having a ball.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Rich Moyer

Beer and ice cream… maybe you don’t want to eat them together (or maybe you do?) but they are just two of the many business interests of our next guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk.

Rich Moyer is a name you should know, and if you don’t, you probably know his brands that have hit Charlotte in just the past couple of years and been an instant success. We’re talking about Hoppin’, the first self-serve beer and wine bar in South End; Pinhouse, a similar concept in Plaza Midwood but with duck pin bowling; and Two Scoops Creamery, which just makes us want to go out for ice cream right now. Welcome, Rich.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Matt Sharp

When our streets fill with runners for the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, you’ll see some of the participants with distinctive blue T-shirts that say “Running Works.” It’s not just another run club though – the members of Running Works are running towards a different set of goals than most marathoners.

Running Works is giving Charlotte’s homeless population an avenue to take control of their lives through health and wellness, and helps them along that course with mental health counseling, group therapy, career development, and housing assistance, too. Matt Sharp is their Chief Operating Officer, and joins us now on Charlotte Real Estate Talk. Welcome!

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Tara Lane

There’s a saying that when you don’t know what to talk about, you can always talk about the weather. But… you may get more than you bargained for if you’re talking to our next guest on Charlotte Real Estate Talk! She’s the Chief Meteorologist at Fox 46 and has been forecasting Charlotte weather for nearly 20 years. She’s a pro — and we say a big WARM welcome to Tara Lane.

Charlotte Real Estate Talk: Nicole Storey

If you’ve ever thought your neighborhood could use a little boost — like an entrance sign, sign toppers, more trees, or any number of things that would bring it together and make it nicer — there might be a city program to help. But who do you talk to, to find out? Our guest today on Charlotte Real Estate Talk might be that person. Nicole Storey is the Neighborhood and Community Partnership Manager for the city of Charlotte. She’s the woman who reaches out and serves as a bridge between Charlotte’s neighborhoods and city services to bring the two together, to make Charlotte better by making neighborhoods more connected.